Catherine Rising Cedar Dune Smudge Bundle

Cedar Dune Bundle

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This incense bundle consists of cedar sprigs adorned with pink flowers and grasses, plus three copal incense sticks, all wrapped with vintage fabric. Cedar makes a sweet and rich incense when burned, and has been traditionally used to thwart negative energies and invite benevolent ones in their place. To use, simply hold the cedar bundle under an open flame for a few moments and blow out so that it smolders. Allow the smoke to permeate any spaces you wish to cleanse during times of meditation, prayer or ritual. Observe how your personal energy and the energy in the room transforms during your ritual.

Copal incense has long been considered sacred by inhabitants of Mexico, and South and Central America, dating back to ritual use by Mayan and Aztec cultures. Copal has a clean, light woody scent and is often used to clear away negative energies in order to make space for more benevolent ones.

These bundles are 5" - 6" long. Each piece is one of a kind, so size and color may vary. These elements have been ethically sourced.

Includes one bundle.