The Gardener of Bath is located in Bath, Ohio.   People not from our neck of the woods often think we sell bath and beauty products, confusing the location Bath with products for the “bath.”  Once we get past this initial confusion, people usually inquire about our plants, fountains and garden accessories, since we are THE GARDENER… right? At this point we explain that we started out as a garden center and gift store in 2006, and quickly learned that gifts, home accessories and jewelry would be a much more sustainable venture for us. Over time, our name has grown on us and our customers, so we decided to keep it, even if it doesn’t quite explain who we are. Plus, the confusion allows us to tell everyone a little about our history.
At The Gardener Of Bath, we have always enjoyed discovering unusual, artisanal, and sometimes irreverent products to offer our customers.  We have found that the objects we carry at the store are often an extension of our personalities.  Some items manifest healing, spiritual, and calming properties.  Some are colorful and bold, while others are detailed, tiny, and organic.  Some are even humorous or politically motivated.  In order to constantly find joy and meaning in our work, we make it a point to find a personal connection with all of the merchandise we offer.  For those of you who once lived nearby and shopped at the Gardener, but now live out of state, we hope you will enjoy shopping on our website.  For those of you who have never been to our store, but perhaps discovered us by word of mouth, or a random google search, we hope that you enjoy our eclectic assortment of gifts, jewelry and accessories.  Peace, and happy shopping!